Welcome From the Pastor


It is a pleasure to introduce you to Sherman Church of the Nazarene. As you may have already read, we want to "Seek God's Heart." We don't want only information about Him; we want to experience Him and what really matters to Him. Experiencing Him is not something to do only on Sunday morning or even a couple of times on Sunday; we want to know Him through our entire lives. We get to know God in worship services, in small groups throughout the week, in daily personal Bible study and in trying to always remember that "God is already at work around us. As God works, He asks His people to join Him.
This adventure is so great we don't want to keep it to ourselves. We want others to experience what God can do in their lives by joining us in "Seeking God's Heart." We firmly believe God wants to heal marriages and set people free from bad habits. Most of all, God wants to set people free from the guilt and the punishment of that sin as well as its power. When He sets people free, He gives incredible joy!
As we "Seek God's Heart" and help others find Him, it only makes sense to be His hands, serving people around us. Just as Jesus came to serve, He calls us to serve each other and the community (both local and global).
We all live in different stages of this journey. Whatever stage you find yourself, I am confident you will fit right in as you join us on this journey. In coming as a new pastor I found a wonderful group of people and I am confident that you will find the same!
We look forward to meeting or hearing from you!
Pr. Will Haworth, Jr.